LinguSocial for Sales

Unleash the power of smooth communication with LinguSocial. Our comprehensive transcription platform revolutionizes your workflow by accurately transcribing and translating all your sales-related audio and video content. From meetings to phone calls and files, enhance collaboration and accessibility. With LinguSocial, optimize your operations, elevate productivity, and propel your sales performance to new heights.

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Video & audio meetings

Effortlessly transcribe and translate your audio and video meetings into 100+ languages in real-time, breaking down communication barriers with ease. Empower collaboration and productivity like never before with our comprehensive suite of AI tools. Immerse yourself in the future of global communication with our innovative audio and video meeting solution.

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Phone calls

Transform your sales communications with our advanced international phone call solution. Seamlessly transcribe and translate conversations into 100+ languages, fostering effortless global interaction. Moreover, our AI-powered digital interpreter seamlessly breaks down language barriers during phone calls.

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Transcript editor

Transform your sales strategies with our advanced transcript editor. Collaborate in real-time with colleagues to refine your transcripts and export them into multiple formats for maximum adaptability. Seamlessly enhance your media post-production process with integrated AI tools like AI Summary or Studio Sound. Take your sales communications to the next level with our comprehensive transcript editor product.

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Phone Call Interpreter
AI Summary
Studio Sound

AI tools

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge of sales communication with our diverse AI arsenal. Our AI phone interpreter swiftly removes language barriers during phone calls, fostering seamless global connectivity. Redefine meetings with AI-generated summaries that effortlessly capture essential insights. Enhance your audio content with Studio Sound, our AI audio denoiser and upscaler, delivering unparalleled quality.

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Instant messenger

Communicate with team members, friends or family in real-time via text, audio and video messages, animated emojis and gif's. Translate your conversations in one of our 100+ languages for free.

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