Instant messaging without language barriers

Communicate with people from all over the world in your mother tongue. Your message will automatically be translated after you have sent it.

Conversation translation

Enjoy live translated video and audio meetings, phone calls, text messages, video and audio messages. Communicate with team members or friends and family in one of the 100+ languages that we translate.

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Video and voice messages

Sometimes you don"t have the time to type it all out. Our transcription service makes it easier for you to let your team members, friends or family know what you want to say, even before they listen to your voice message.

Send a map of any location

Allow your team members, friends or family to see where you are or send them a map of a location where you want to meet them.

Beautiful emojis

Sometimes an emoji says more than a thousand words. Express your emotions or mood with our new and beautiful platform agnostic emojis.


Propel your transcripts to the next level

Embark on your LinguSocial journey today with our flexible pay-as-you-go plan, allowing you to explore all features at your own pace. Upgrade seamlessly whenever you require more capabilities.