Say goodbye to information overload with AI Summary

Our AI Summary revolutionize the way you review transcripts. AI Summary delivers quick and precise insights into video & audio meetings, phone calls, audio & video files, eliminating the need to tediously sift through transcripts.

How does it work?

AI Summary analyzes your transcripts and then gathers and groups the most important bits of information for you automatically. Below is a quick overview of the information we gather for you.


Our tool effortlessly detects and compiles the critical keywords discussed in your transcripts, streamlining the process of locating key takeaways without the need to delve into the entire summary.


Capture the essence of the transcript in just a few paragraphs — a concise solution ideal for individuals with limited time who prefer not to delve into lengthy, detailed summaries.


Our tool offers a detailed outline complete with timestamps, enabling effortless navigation back to specific moments in the transcript. Simply click on the timestamp to instantly access the corresponding segment in both the recording and transcript.

Bullet-point notes

LinguSocial simplifies extensive transcript notes into concise, actionable bullet points, making it easier to grasp key insights and take immediate action.

Action Items

Lost track of task assignments during a meeting? LinguSocial is here to help. It swiftly identifies and organizes all action items assigned to participants, empowering you to stay productive and focused on task completion.

Take your transcripts to new heights

Explore the game-changing capabilities of our AI Summary and see for yourself how it transforms your transcripts, freeing you from the burden of tediously sifting through them to gather information.