International phone calls without
language barriers

Make cheap international phone calls in crystal clear sound quality that use our state-of-the-art live transcription AI or our remote interpreter AI.

Live transcription

Transcribe your phone calls in real-time in 100+ languages. Once your phone call has ended, review and post-edit the transcript with our world-class transcript editor and make use of all the great features that we offer.

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Remote interpreter AI

Use our innovative remote interpreter AI that translates phone calls for both parties. Every time a person speaks, our AI processes that speech and generates a text version of what was said. That text is then translated into the other person's language. A synthetic voice is generated via Text-to-Speech and then played for everyone to hear, like a human remote interpreter. It's truely magical, so feel free to give it a try.

Call recordings

Your phone calls are automatically recorded and available in a matter of seconds after you finished, so that you can listen and share your recordings without hassle.

Propel your transcripts to the next level

Embark on your LinguSocial journey today with our flexible pay-as-you-go plan, allowing you to explore all features at your own pace. Upgrade seamlessly whenever you require more capabilities.