Phone calls without language barriers

Explore a new dimension of communication with our innovative AI interpreter for international phone calls. Transcend linguistic barriers effortlessly, enabling fluid conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds in 100+ languages.

How does it work?

Our industry changing phone call interpreter AI handles all sorts of complex tasks during your phone call. Here are the most basic steps of how it works.

1. Recognise speech

Utilizing state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, we seamlessly convert spoken language into text. Our AI excels in recognizing speech across 100+ languages, facilitating communication with individuals worldwide. Additionally, we perform supplementary tasks such as filler word removal and speaker identification for enhanced efficiency.

2. Translate text

Upon receiving the meticulously processed and refined text from our speech recognition system, we seamlessly transition to translating it into the desired language using our specialized translation AI.


3. Generate audio

With the translated text in our possession, we utilize a cutting-edge text-to-speech system to produce natural-sounding audio, seamlessly integrating it into our telephony system for immediate playback.

Take your phone calls to the next level

Elevate your communication game by signing up with us today. Try out our phone call interpreter and experience firsthand the transformative power it brings to your conversations.