Create powerful content in real-time,
no matter the language

With our advanced omni-channel AI transcription platform, you can generate precise transcripts of your video and audio content in 100+ languages. Collaborate in real-time through our communication tools, enhance your video and audio files with our latest AI tools, and improve accessibility by translating your transcripts into more than 100+ languages.

Our Features

Below are some of the many features that our platform has to offer.


Transcript Editor

Upload, edit and share your transcripts, collaborate in real-time and much more

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Automatic Transcription

Transcribe your media files, import existing transcripts and more

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Video & Audio Meetings

Record, transcribe and translate video & audio meetings in real-time

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Phone Calls

Make voice calls to landlines and mobiles with the power of transcription

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Instant Messenger

Message your contacts in any language and more

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AI tools that supercharge your content

LinguSocial is equipped with robust AI capabilities aimed at taking your content to the next level.


Phone Call Interpreter

Engage in international phone conversations with a digital interpreter that provides real-time translation in both directions.

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AI Summary

Create comprehensive transcript summaries that include keywords, meeting overview, meeting outline, bullet-notes and action items.

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Studio Sound

Remove background noise and enhance the audio quality of your video and audio files. It's so good that it can even handle telephone audio.

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Collaborate with anybody in real-time

Invite collaborators, regardless of their LinguSocial access, to edit transcripts in real-time. Utilize our instant messenger for direct communication, as well as for initiating video/audio meetings and international phone calls.

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We support the following languages

Below is the list of popular languages we support for transcription, subtitling and translation.

Propel your transcripts to the next level

Embark on your LinguSocial journey today with our flexible pay-as-you-go plan, allowing you to explore all features at your own pace. Upgrade seamlessly whenever you require more capabilities.